Founded in 1979 by Marcus R. Durlach III, Durlach Associates sets the standard in developing and managing Class A office buildings in the markets we serve.

Our professionals have expertise in development, leasing, property management, marketing, construction, finance, and architecture.

Durlach Associates develops the region’s largest and most successful projects. Lead tenants include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and leading law firms.

Our team oversees every aspect of development from initial concept through site selection, design, financing, permitting, construction, and commissioning.

Durlach Associates consistent record of delivering quality projects on time and within budget satisfies tenants and produces excellent returns for investors and partners.

Durlach Associates has developed, leased, and managed in excess of 1.5 million square feet of Class A office space, and is actively working on projects for future delivery.

Effective leasing is key to successful development, and Durlach Associates has completed millions of square feet of leasing transactions. The company’s portfolio averages 95% occupancy.

Because we develop, manage, and own properties, we are able to simplify the leasing process, saving tenants and brokers time. 

We accommodate tenants ever changing space needs by pairing the requirements of expanding and contracting companies and through new development, creating long term, trusted relationships with tenants, brokers, and investors.

Durlach Associates understands that well managed facilities enhance productivity.

High performance work environments are the result of dedication and attention to detail.

Established procedures, on-site personnel, and the latest technology help expedite resolution of tenant service calls and simplify operations.

Properties managed by Durlach consistently outperform with a better caliber tenant, higher rents, superior tenant satisfaction, and industry leading retention rates.

After adjusting for tenants whose renewals Durlach cannot influence (consolidations, defaults, not enough space available) Durlach’s tenant retention rate has averaged 95% over 30 years.

Sustainable development and operating procedures are
good for the environment and create economic value for
tenants and landlords.  Durlach Associates, a member of
the U.S Green Building Council, operates properties in a manner which maximizes energy efficiency.

Durlach Associates has always worked to reduce waste and energy consumption.  Today, our long standing commitment to creating productive, inspiring workplaces means developing and operating the greenest buildings possible.  

Durlach properties have earned two ENERGY STAR's and two LEED designations ensuring the company's position as South Carolina's leading developer and manager of sustainable office properties.

In 2010, Parkshore Centre became the first office building in Charleston to earn the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's prestigious ENERGY STAR, the national symbol for protecting the environment through superior energy efficiency.    Click HERE to read more about Parkshore Centre's ENERGY STAR rating.

In 2011, Parkshore Centre became the first existing multi-tenant office building in Charleston to be LEED certified in Operations and Maintenance.  The LEED green building certification program is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of green buildings.  Click HERE to read more about Parkshore Centre's LEED certification.

In 2012, 25 Calhoun Street became the first building in Charleston to be LEED Certified in Core and Shell.  Click HERE to read more about 25 Calhoun's LEED certification.

In 2012, Faber Centre received the ENERGY STAR.  Click HERE to read more about Faber's ENERGY STAR rating.